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Hope > Fear


*Caleb writing

Thank you all so much for the support, we have been blown away by the tidal wave of support Heath enjoys that has spilled over onto us.  It’s almost comical to think of this poor little guy, minding his own business, totally unaware or the shed tears, prayed prayers, sacrificed dollars, and mountains being moved on his behalf, and all of this before we ever knew about him. Not many people on this earth are at the same time so lonely and destitute, and yet so loved and advocated for.  If he only knew..

For reasons sufficient to Himself, God has apparently decided to rescue this one particular boy, who is utterly and completely helpless to do anything about his situation.  God puts on display His Power and Glory by conquering mighty things with lowly things, by valuing those things which have been despised by man in his wisdom, and using them to shame that wise man.  When we take up the case of the widow and orphan, we imitate God in His care for the helpless.  And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that He has commanded that we do this not only for the benefit of those He would have us help, but in order to remind us of our own state as sinners in need of redemption, utterly helpless to do anything about our situation, and we might rejoice in our salvation through Jesus.

We are so glad to be able to build upon the work that so many have done before us, and participate and rejoice in this work, so that His Name may be praised.  He has enriched our lives already through the baby steps we’ve taken so far, and we look forward to what is to come with fear, and yet hope that is holding it down.

Soli Deo Gloria

Deciding to Internationally Adopt a Special Needs Child


I had no idea that tens of thousands of children were being abandoned by their parents because of special needs that they have. Until I found Reece’s Rainbow(RR). Now I am aware of this problem, and I cannot stand idly by and  do nothing. When I stumbled across RR, we had been praying that God would use us how he best see fit in order to glorify Him through helping others. The kids’ pictures and profiles tugged our hearts, and we felt a burden to help in someway. We didn’t think that it would be adoption–I mean come on, it’s expensive, and we have three kids on one income. We don’t have an extra thirty grand sitting around. But then we saw a picture of a little boy from an Eastern European country, and our hearts broke. For days we cried over the despair of all these kids’ situations, but this boy stood out to us most of all. And then we saw that we wouldn’t have to come up with $30k. Could we really do this, then? No, what about our kids? It was crazy, right? But every time that we tried to talk ourselves out of it, we realized that it was for selfish reasons, and we knew that if we didn’t do this we would be being glaringly disobedient to what God was calling us to do.

God put a love in our hearts for a boy that lives on the other side of the globe, that we have never met. So as long as God is still leading us, we will follow and go get this neglected, lost boy and bring him home.

The past week or so has been an emotional roller coaster. We have made an official announcement that we are pursuing adoption, and that has been met with mixed reactions. For the most part, people have been so supportive…in words and donations that will go towards a future fundraiser. However there have been a few people  that do not understand our new calling, and are not really supportive. We are praying that these few will come around and rally with us, and love our new son as we do.

We have our home study scheduled, and the overwhelming amount of paperwork is now lying ahead of us. Even so early in the stages of this adoption, God has moved mountains. It is so clear that His hand is in this.  Please pray for us as we face the unknown of international government, institutional behaviors, and everything else that goes along with this process. When we are officially committed, and have the OK, we will put up a picture of our boy and his RR name.