Deciding to Internationally Adopt a Special Needs Child


I had no idea that tens of thousands of children were being abandoned by their parents because of special needs that they have. Until I found Reece’s Rainbow(RR). Now I am aware of this problem, and I cannot stand idly by and  do nothing. When I stumbled across RR, we had been praying that God would use us how he best see fit in order to glorify Him through helping others. The kids’ pictures and profiles tugged our hearts, and we felt a burden to help in someway. We didn’t think that it would be adoption–I mean come on, it’s expensive, and we have three kids on one income. We don’t have an extra thirty grand sitting around. But then we saw a picture of a little boy from an Eastern European country, and our hearts broke. For days we cried over the despair of all these kids’ situations, but this boy stood out to us most of all. And then we saw that we wouldn’t have to come up with $30k. Could we really do this, then? No, what about our kids? It was crazy, right? But every time that we tried to talk ourselves out of it, we realized that it was for selfish reasons, and we knew that if we didn’t do this we would be being glaringly disobedient to what God was calling us to do.

God put a love in our hearts for a boy that lives on the other side of the globe, that we have never met. So as long as God is still leading us, we will follow and go get this neglected, lost boy and bring him home.

The past week or so has been an emotional roller coaster. We have made an official announcement that we are pursuing adoption, and that has been met with mixed reactions. For the most part, people have been so supportive…in words and donations that will go towards a future fundraiser. However there have been a few people  that do not understand our new calling, and are not really supportive. We are praying that these few will come around and rally with us, and love our new son as we do.

We have our home study scheduled, and the overwhelming amount of paperwork is now lying ahead of us. Even so early in the stages of this adoption, God has moved mountains. It is so clear that His hand is in this.  Please pray for us as we face the unknown of international government, institutional behaviors, and everything else that goes along with this process. When we are officially committed, and have the OK, we will put up a picture of our boy and his RR name.

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  1. I am sooooo excited for your family. I an more excited about your obedience to do what God has called you to do. You will be blessed. I am praying for you as you allow the Lord to direct you. Hugs!

  2. Wahoo!!! I am so so excited!
    His eye is on the sparrow :). I know he’s been watching this little boy preparing a way for his family. Praise God.
    We are praying!!! I can’t wait to hear about the first meeting.
    People will come around.

  3. tears tears of joy… my husband and I have been praying for Heath, advocating for him and loosing sleep…. we are so happy for him… we are a family w 4 kids, 3 are RR children… youre following a wonderful calling, it will be challenging and wonderful all at once, so so so so happy for you and for Heath! I will be stalking your blog! goosebumps!!! I’m speechless!!

  4. I have been praying for and loving Heath for so long now. I have followed him on Reeces Rainbow. My partner and I actually inquired about him. I am so relieved that he will be with a loving family. I am anxious to follow his journey into your loving home.

  5. So happy “Heath” found a family! He has been waiting so long!!! Praying for a quick process and graceful transition!!!

  6. I am so overjoyed that Heath has a family now! i’ve been praying for him ever since i read a story about him from a family whom adopted from his same orphanage . I will be keeping you guys in my prayers praying for a smooth adoption thank you for following Gods calling and rescueing this beautiful boy. and i will pray that those others will come around and see what wonderful blessing adoption is God Bless and can’t wait to follow your journey AMEN!!!! glory adios

  7. Thankful for Heath. Thankful for your family. Will be praying for all of you. May God continue to make your way straight as you bring Heath home to his forever family.

  8. Congratulations! We are adopting a boy from the same country as your little one. I just wanted to throw this out there as far as fund raising goes. My husband and I have spent over $5000 so far just on Home Study and paperwork for the US. Because the rules of Reece’s Rainbow say you can’t fund raise for stateside costs, maybe you could start an “Drake Child” fanpage. That way people that want to help with U.S costs can donate that way.
    Looking forward to your journey. We hope it’s a quick one.

  9. You are about to become a hugely followed, popular blog and family!! Congrats! Many have prayed and prayed for a LONG time for his parents to find him! All in Gods good timing, right?! Can’t wait to follow along!

  10. Just saw this on RR. I am so very excited for your family. We didn’t know that anyone was coming for little Heath. My son saw his picture recently and wanted to know, if there was money for him, then why didn’t someone come. Why couldn’t we just go get him. No complications in the mind of a 13 year old. I started digging about this little lost boy and found you!!! So very happy. will donate personalized, commissioned portraits for auction to get Heath home. And I bet I know a certain 13 year old who will gladly donate a few superhero sketches for auction if there are any aficionados of teenager art. ~Sarah

  11. You have no idea how happy, joyful, excited i am that precious little Heath has a family & that that family is you! My heart broke for Heath too but i am unable to go get him & have been shouting out for him ever since last Feb & i… i simply praise the Lord & i wish you a very smooth, supportive and hurdle-free journey to bring him home – i can’t wait to see pictures of him home with you… 😀 praying along & following along…

  12. Wow!!! Congratulations. I’m another one who has loved your new son from afar and is thrilled for you and him. Praying for a smooth and quick journey for you.

  13. So thrilled for Heath and your family. Looking forward to reading about your journey and praying you through!!

  14. I have been praying for Heath for a long time. Another DS momma and I had a RR booth at our buddy walk and we made a button for each waiting child and one by one each child was taken and walked for. Who did I choose to wear? Sweet Heath. His picture hangs on my fridge.
    Thank you so much for rescuing him. You will not regret it. We have a son who is now 6 with Down Syndrome, he is the light of our eyes. I know poor Heath has needed and mommy and daddy to love him for so long now, it little soul is no doubt raw and sore, but i will be praying for quick and peaceful healing.
    thank you again, and know that in the end it will be your family that will be blessed by Heath, he will bring so much love and joy and it will all be worth it.
    I hope you take us along your journey to him through this blog because my tears will flow on the day i see a picture of him in your arms. I have wondered so much what he looks like now…and I so look forward to that celebration.
    many prayers for an easy journey and sending (((HUGS)))

  15. Congratulations! Heath has been on my mind for months, also, wondering, “where is his family?” I am sorry to hear that those closest to you have not shared your joy. True Christianity truly is the path less traveled. You will never make them change their mind, but you will probably find that they will come to love Heath despite thinking you are a bit nutty. We adopted two FAS cuties 2 years ago, and I will say that the power of institutional damage is significant, but if you keep your faith front and center, you will never regret this decision. Watching them blossom into healthy, curious children has been an every day joy. God bless! Sherry

  16. We are another family who has been praying for Heath for over a year now. My young kids know Heath by the picture that hangs in our home, in our car, and has been shared with their teachers and neighbors and friends in our community as we have have tried to do anything we could to help him find his family (YOU! Yay!) through fundraising and creating awareness! I can’t wait to replace that mental picture of Heath dirty and alone with a new scene of love and family! Those sweet little cheeks are going to finally have a Mom and Dad to kiss them and to tell him he is Loved! What a wonderful family you are! We rejoice with you and will continue to pray for you all! Much Love and Support! Aubrey

  17. God Bless you. I’ve been praying for “Heath” and am so thrilled that his family has found him! Best wishes to you and your family.

  18. My family and I have been praying for Heath for almost 2 years. I am a mom of 4 and last summer my two oldest, 10 and 12 years old, sat down and said “What are we going to do about this?!!!” in response to all of Julia Nalle’s postings about the Lost Boys and in particular, the ones on RR in dire need of families. We then spent 3 months selling extra furniture around the house to donate to Heath’s fund (don’t worry, we had and still have plenty!). It took time and lots of craigslist ads (thanks to my husband who is a pro at listing things), but we raised about $750 for Heath.

    I can’t tell you the load that was lifted off our shoulders when we saw him on My Family Found Me. I am worried about the condition he may be in today and pray you get to him quickly and bring him home where he belongs. Please share pictures as much as possible and let the Director know these boys are truly wanted!

    I will be checking your blog regularly!

  19. You have no idea how many people have said prayers for Heath. My best wishes for your family and the life ahead of you!

  20. I audibly gasped when I saw Heath on the New Commitments page of RR. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Thank you for going out on a limb to save one of God’s precious children. Thank you so much! My faith is strengthened. I will be following along and praying for your family.

  21. Today, when I saw Heath’s family found him I started yelling & jumping around my house!!! I am SO SO SO beyond excited for Heath AND you!! I am looking forward to following your journey to your new blessing & I can’t wait to see a big ol’ happy grin on his sweet face when Heath realizes just how LOVED he is!!

  22. I have been praying for H and was SO happy when I found out that he found his home. I know you will be blessed by him as he himself has done God’s work just by being on the RR site and touching so many people. I look forward to following your journey! God Bless!

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