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Moving Along


For those of you watching and following our journey, we have had some progress lately!

Last weekend we held a garage sale, and were able to raise over $800! I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to those of you who donated items to us, and those who came to shop.  I have also been working on seven foot rulers that I sell as growth charts. I ended up having 9 orders for those, and I’m putting one in an auction.

PROGRESS:  Last week I was able to wire my money to the RR  facilitation team.  This week we have started our online adoption training, my draft for my home study will be submitted, I have gotten proof of mortgage/homeownership, our copies of marriage licenses, and got my car inspected (not that I need that for my adoption, but it’s progress!).  I also got my first 8 forms notorized and apostilled, and they are headed to Eastern Europe at the end of the week!!!

Thursday we are going to apply for our passports. I was going to do that last Thursday, but I have a gigantic fever blister on my lip. It’s still there, but I am trying not to be too vain because I really need to get it done.  On a side note, when I had my C-sections with all three of my biological kiddos, I got fever blisters each and every time.  I told Caleb I knew Heath was mine, because he was giving me fever blisters too! haha

I am wondering though, if anybody struggles with the same feelings that I do.  Feel free to let me know if you do, so I don’t feel like a nut!

I want to spend every wakeful minute working on the adoption, and probably could because there’s so much to do. But I’m a full time mom to three and a house keeper.  At the moment, I feel like I’m neglectful of my kids, and my house is a wreck! I am pulled so many directions, that there are times when I just sit down and cry for a minute.  I did stop yesterday and play outside and ride bikes with the kids.  It was so refreshing.  I guess I’m not sure exactly where my main priority is or should be.  Heath is my kid, too, and I need to do everything in my power to bring him home. We’re working through it, and we’ll all be OK.

I will say this. The online adoption training is making me anxious. Thanks a lot, social worker, for making us do it even though our country doesn’t require it! At age twelve, apparently the brain prunes itself, and that has me concerned that Heath is going to be harder to break through to.  Has his brain lost all the connections that it needs to connect with us and new experiences? Please pray for my poor baby and that his mind will be ready to handle us and his big changes, and that we will be there before too much longer.

Also pray for Caleb and me.  We have always and still do have such an incredible, extraordinary relationship. We are fiercely devoted to each other, and loving each other has always been easy.  I am constantly conscious of amount of love I have for him, and it never ceases to amaze me.  And I see that love for me reflected in his honey colored eyes (he looks at me differently than everyone else.).  When we started this process, our friends–who are in country now–advised us to not lose each other through all the paperwork and red tape.  I halfway thought he was crazy, but I understand now. With our three kids, housework, the broken lawnmower, and his long crazy hours, I feel like I don’t see much of him. We miss each other. And there are times when he is home, and we’re not busy,  that I am so stressed out, that I find my self biting his head off about silly things, or we just pass smooth out–haha!  Pray that we don’t lose each other….and maybe that we can have a date night before too long =)  We are still us. We are still good. We are just caught in a whirlwind.

Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for loving our Heath, and thank you for loving us.  It is so amazing at the support system that we have through RR. All of you mean so much to me.  Y’all are a special kind of people.



In the Throes


So far for our adoption, we have done a home study and all that goes along with it, wired money to the country we are adopting from, had physicals and blood work done, had a garage sale, and more. I know we are just in the beginning stages, but it is so easy to feel completely overwhelmed (especially after the stack of papers I printed out yesterday sits in front of me). I have even told my husband that I thought this adoption process might just be harder than my three pregnancies!  I feel like a baby complaining about it. I have to take several deep breaths to calm down here lately, and I keep telling myself that God is control of this whole situation, and He is directing our paths.  And the onslaught of support that we have received from friends and strangers alike has been such an encouragement!

We are on our way to bringing home our new son, Heath.

Heath is a lost boy in a Eastern European country with no family of his own (until now!) He is a sweet, tiny little boy with Down Syndrome.  We know/have gathered that for six years, Heath has been in an institution where he has shared a wheelchair with another boy.  He hasn’t had a book or a toy. He hasn’t been loved on by anyone.  He is quiet and overlooked.  He can sit up, so he is not in a laying down room, so he gets to go outside and sit to do nothing.  By a friend’s account he is a chubby-cheeked boy who sits in the dirt playing with a piece of string for hours on end.
I am a stay at home mom, and I must admit, I get bored sometimes. I hate to do nothing.  When I get bored, you can bet we are going to find something to do! I cannot imagine my whole life being about nothing. Sitting, waiting for nothing to happen day in and day out.

There is another family that has seen Heath in 2011, I believe.  They said he looked like he was “be-bopping” around in his communal wheelchair.  This is all we know about our son.  We don’t know if he can walk or talk.  We don’t know if he has any medical problems aside from or as a result of the Down Syndrome that he has.  We don’t know if he is alright.  Nobody has seen him in 2 years, and there has been no update available for him, either.  We have taken a huge leap of faith with the decision we have made to bring him home.

But we do know this:

Hundreds of people have loved Heath for several years.  God has had His hand on Heath since he was in his mother’s womb.  God has worked in our hearts to bring us to this adoption, and all of the rallying and support and donations to Heath’s grant was a miracle given to us by God to make this possible.  We are moving in forward in faith, trusting that Heath is OK, and that before too long he will be in the empty chair at the dining table, sleeping on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds (that we need to buy/find!!) in Sawyer’s room, and riding behind the driver’s side seat in the van.  I imagine him in all of these places, and I cannot wait for my baby to actually be here!

Our FSP through Reese’s Rainbow is fully funded. That’s a huge part of the battle!  We will get that money when we receive travel dates, so all of our travel and in country expenses will be covered–thanks to all the loving donations from people around the country.  We are now working on our state-side dossier which will include a ginormous stack of papers, fingerprints, USCIS approval to bring in a foreign child as a member of our family, passports, apostilles, certified copies of various certificates, and much much more.  Caleb will also be losing one or two paychecks during our travel.  And Heath will need quite a bit of medical attention when he gets home.  We will need to have his heart, ears, teeth, eyes checked, among lots of other things (possibly a wheel chair).  I have had people ask how they could help. We need prayers most of all. But if there is any of you out there that would like to contribute to our adoption journey, we could accept those through the mail or PayPal as a gift. You need to understand, though, that these donations would be to individuals, so it isn’t tax deductible.

We are not alone in our journey to adopt. There are so many families that have been called to this as we have.  Please pray for them. Donate money to them. Support them in any way that you possible can.  Even a kind word can mean the world to a family in the throes of adoption.  This is a long hard journey, full of bumps and victories.  You can donate to families’ sponsorship pages through Reece’s Rainbow, and all of those contributions are tax deductible.

There is an AMAZING giveaway going on right now at that has a very high odds of winning, and it directly proceeds several families and children that are a part of Reece’s Rainbow.

Sorry if the link doesn’t work…I am still figuring this out!  Bear with me, please!

Please pray for my sanity, my children, our process going swiftly and smoothly, my husband’s stress level, Heath’s safety, and most of all that God continue to direct us in everything that we do, and that this is all done soley for His glory.