Moving Along


For those of you watching and following our journey, we have had some progress lately!

Last weekend we held a garage sale, and were able to raise over $800! I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to those of you who donated items to us, and those who came to shop.  I have also been working on seven foot rulers that I sell as growth charts. I ended up having 9 orders for those, and I’m putting one in an auction.

PROGRESS:  Last week I was able to wire my money to the RR  facilitation team.  This week we have started our online adoption training, my draft for my home study will be submitted, I have gotten proof of mortgage/homeownership, our copies of marriage licenses, and got my car inspected (not that I need that for my adoption, but it’s progress!).  I also got my first 8 forms notorized and apostilled, and they are headed to Eastern Europe at the end of the week!!!

Thursday we are going to apply for our passports. I was going to do that last Thursday, but I have a gigantic fever blister on my lip. It’s still there, but I am trying not to be too vain because I really need to get it done.  On a side note, when I had my C-sections with all three of my biological kiddos, I got fever blisters each and every time.  I told Caleb I knew Heath was mine, because he was giving me fever blisters too! haha

I am wondering though, if anybody struggles with the same feelings that I do.  Feel free to let me know if you do, so I don’t feel like a nut!

I want to spend every wakeful minute working on the adoption, and probably could because there’s so much to do. But I’m a full time mom to three and a house keeper.  At the moment, I feel like I’m neglectful of my kids, and my house is a wreck! I am pulled so many directions, that there are times when I just sit down and cry for a minute.  I did stop yesterday and play outside and ride bikes with the kids.  It was so refreshing.  I guess I’m not sure exactly where my main priority is or should be.  Heath is my kid, too, and I need to do everything in my power to bring him home. We’re working through it, and we’ll all be OK.

I will say this. The online adoption training is making me anxious. Thanks a lot, social worker, for making us do it even though our country doesn’t require it! At age twelve, apparently the brain prunes itself, and that has me concerned that Heath is going to be harder to break through to.  Has his brain lost all the connections that it needs to connect with us and new experiences? Please pray for my poor baby and that his mind will be ready to handle us and his big changes, and that we will be there before too much longer.

Also pray for Caleb and me.  We have always and still do have such an incredible, extraordinary relationship. We are fiercely devoted to each other, and loving each other has always been easy.  I am constantly conscious of amount of love I have for him, and it never ceases to amaze me.  And I see that love for me reflected in his honey colored eyes (he looks at me differently than everyone else.).  When we started this process, our friends–who are in country now–advised us to not lose each other through all the paperwork and red tape.  I halfway thought he was crazy, but I understand now. With our three kids, housework, the broken lawnmower, and his long crazy hours, I feel like I don’t see much of him. We miss each other. And there are times when he is home, and we’re not busy,  that I am so stressed out, that I find my self biting his head off about silly things, or we just pass smooth out–haha!  Pray that we don’t lose each other….and maybe that we can have a date night before too long =)  We are still us. We are still good. We are just caught in a whirlwind.

Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for loving our Heath, and thank you for loving us.  It is so amazing at the support system that we have through RR. All of you mean so much to me.  Y’all are a special kind of people.



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  1. You are totally normal! International adoption is HARD! You will drive yourself nuts (& you are) trying to get it all done yesterday, because you think it will get you your child sooner. It’s the Momma bear in you and wanting sweet Heath here now! When all your paper work and dossier is done you will be waiting and things will calm down. It will be out of your hands and in the government’s. You will learn through this that the Lord’s timing is always perfect and Heath will be here at the right time…I promise! I promise it will be worth the wait. After going through international adoption for 2 years, ending that and not knowing what to do next, I can say that 2 years later (4 years total) our lil Texas boy through domestic adoption was worth the wait. Love your sweet family! Keep doing His work!

  2. I am still over the moon that you have chosen Heath! (I know you don’t know me but I am a RR Heath fan!) Anyhow, we are also going through the throws of international adoption (China) and it is HARD on a marriage. I am a mother of 4 kids (9 and under) and my husband works in Mongolia so I totally hear you. My house is also a mess and my time with my husband is limited. I feel like I am doing a lot of the paperchasing etc… on my own. But I love to turn to scriptures like Matthew 25 and remember how blessed I truly am to be in this process. Keep it up! You are awesome! And congrats again!

  3. I love your comment about “maternity” fever blisters! You are definitely Heath’s momma! You can reach him, God will show you the way.

  4. I have been praying for Heath for over a year now and am so overjoyed that his family has found him. I will continue praying for him and now your family as you travel this challenging yet very rewarding road. Thanks so much for being willing to be His hands and feet.

  5. I still have “paperwork PTSD,” it’s the hardest, most awful part of adoption. Basically saying the same things over and over, “I am not a criminal, I am not a nutcase even though I am “crazy” for wanting to do this, and, my fingers have not been associated with a crime. Oh, and, I am healthy. Find ways to investigate this over and over and over and over…until you fall down in a stupor. We had country delays/changes and so did our HS 2 times plus an update. I think we were fingerprinted, like, 18 times. Each time my prints took between 10 and 45 minutes to get (I have dry skin), so I just wanted to scream and say, “how ’bout we just run the ones you took 10 months ago!” or, “what was wrong with the ones I did for the state last week?” And don’t even get me started on notaries. I have been to clerk offices only to find that the notary was not registered in that county, the notary failed to pay their update fee, the notary failed to change a name. Argggh! Each failure a 1 hour drive/park/wait in line/1 hour drive home, for nothing, nada. I am now a master at being sure each notary uses the EXACT name on their stamp to sign, that all dates are EXACTLY correct, no run-offs down the side, etc. I have had to re-do documents rejected for such technicalities by the Azerbaijan embassy, only to have the entire country close to adoptions. And yet, I would do it all over again. Actually, I am trying to do so, but dear hubby inconveniently thinks that the cute little “terrorist” we adopted has our plates full. Well, so she has been suspended from 1st grade two times…who’s counting? So, I will follow your journey with bated breath. So happy for Heath! Yeah! He is worth the agony of adoption paperwork. Well, almost, anyways…I am not sure any adoption is worth the paperwork difficulties, but us adoptive parents are too foolish to know better. Happy fingerprinting! Sherry

  6. i had to smile at the fever blisters comment 😉 i love that! Praying along with you everyday that your process will be smooth, hassle-free & that all these will pull your family closer together 🙂

  7. From what I’ve heard about adoption, all of your feelings are totally normal. 🙂 Haven’t been there yet, but hopefully this year. I’m SO happy you are bringing Heath home and giving him a family. I know he will bless you all tremendously! I’m quite jealous actually. 😉 I’ve been praying for this sweet little guy for months and months. And I’m guessing it will be a long, hard, totally-worth-it journey to bring him back to life, but God can do anything, and I pray He’ll use you and your family to make sweet Heath come alive again. And praying you can have a date night! 😉 Thanks for working to rescue this little guy who is loved by so many of us!

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