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This is Brett.  Brett is one of tens of thousands of lost, abandoned, and forgotten children in Eastern Europe.  He has a very special story.  You see, when I say abandoned, I mean he was in every sense of the word abandoned.

When Brett was found the day he was born–August 23, 2001–he was found in a field.  Left to die.  He was found with bug bites covering his entire body, hypothermic, unresponsive, and his tiny newborn body was in shock.  He was taken to the hospital, treated, and he recovered.  The stranger who stumbled across him saved his life.  But saved it for what?

Brett is currently living his life in a mental institution because he has Down Syndrome.  He is spending his days neglected, hungry, and alone…..not too unlike how he was found when he was born.  This can’t be all that there is for him. 

Brett’s life is precious.  All of these orphans’ lives are.  Today we scream at the top of our lungs for someone too look his way and notice him.

There is so much movement on Reece’s Rainbow lately. People are being led to adopt these children. More people are feeling compelled to donate to these childrens’ grants.  Maybe God saved Brett for such a time as this.  Maybe it is his time to be found.  To be noticed.  To be brought home.

Maybe he was saved for you.

Brett needs a home.  He needs money in his grant.  Maybe a family isn’t stepping forward for him because the financial aspect of adopting is so daunting.  Right now he has a grant of over $2500.  The Reece’s Rainbow community is so awesome, that the money will come.  Don’t let the money be a deterrent.

Brett can communicate non verbally, he is flexible, and doesn’t seem to be aggressive.  He would make a loving, wonderful son. 

If he doesn’t find a home, Brett will live out his days in a warehouse built for boys, and then he will die the same way he came into this world–alone. 

Pray for Brett. Donate to Brett’s grant on Reece’s Rainbow.  Look at Brett and remember him as you go about your daily life.  Open your home and heart  to Brett.