I sit here, trying to write something poetic or eloquent, and I feel like I can’t write anything to do the lost children of Eastern European orphanages any justice. So I guess just bear with me while I barrel my way through this.

There are hundreds of thousands of special needs children given up to the state in Eastern Europe and other countries.  For whatever reason, be it a culture of unnacceptance or genuine fear/concern for their children, parents are handing over their children to be raised in unloving, harsh, animalistic conditions.  At a certain point–usually around age 6–the children that haven’t been adopted are transferred to older institutions and orphanages.  Of those kids, if their disabilities have prevented them from sitting up on their own, they are doomed to a life in a laying down room. 

A laying down room is just what it sounds like.  These babies are sentenced to a life in a crib–if you could call it a life.  Cries are ignored, children lie in their own waste, they are barely fed…..this goes on until their muscles atrophy, their poor bodies stiffen, and they die.  (Conditions are so bad in these rooms, that outsiders are rarely allowed to enter.) They live their whole lives in a crib until they die. Unless they are adopted. Few are.

This brings us to today.  In an Eastern European mental institution, where my son, Boden Heath lives out his days, there was a little boy named Hanson.  Hanson was in a laying down room, and he was lost to this world until he passed away.  His body was likely carried out and buried in a grave at the institution, and it was like he never existed.  But today we remember him. 

An extraordinary man in Canada has advocated for Hanson while Hanson was still alive, donating money, goods for fundraisers, praying for him.  This precious man has put together a High Requiem mass in honor of Hanson.  Not only that, but the other Lost Boys of Heath’s institution are being honored and prayed for as well. 

We were not able to be there, but we remembered these boys here in TX.  We are so grateful that everyone has included Boden Heath in this vigil.  Please remember the kids that are still waiting for families to find them.  I have posted a candle to my Facebook wall, but in this moment, I can’t figure out how to put one on my blog, so I hope this tribute of sorts is enough. 

Please pray that Boden Heath will remain safe as we tirelessly work towards him.  We have received our USCIS (immigration) approval, and it will be sent to his country soon. That’s it. Then we wait for an appointment date to find his file, so we can have permission to visit with him.  We are so close!

Sorry I am such a bad blogger.  Things around here have been crazy busy.  I have a feeling it won’t calm down anytime soon.  Thanks for all your support!



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  1. I just wanted to let you know Boden Heath is in my prayers. His picture on my fridge, and I see his sweet face, sitting in the little chair and I thank God for you. I pray that God keeps him safe, that he somehow knows his mommy and daddy are coming, and that there is love and joy waiting for him, that he feels how wonderful it will be and his spirit is lifted.
    I pray your path to him is paved and there are no complications.

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