Another Baby Duck!!


Look! I finally have  a family picture with ALL of my kids in it!!

family pic

Oh aren’t my babies beautiful!!!

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary that we boarded a plane and headed to our son’s birth country to finally bring him home.  I can’t believe it has been that long!
But the big news here is that we are going back!  You see, Boden (“Heath”)on Reece’s Rainbow was a Lost Boy.  He was at an institution where boys didn’t make it out very often.  In fact, my son was only the fourth boy to ever come out of that rural institution.  One boy has found a family since then.  Until now.
That’s right! We are going back for another Lost Boy.  I take that back, he was Lost, but now he is found.  He is ours.  We are working very hard between work, home school, and chores, and kids, and crazy awesome life to fit in fundraising and paperwork to bring home our new-found son.  We are over the moon!
But it has come to our attention that not everyone understands or likes this.  I just want to say a few words about where we are at:
We are not better than anyone for doing this.  We are not saints, and I do not have the patience of one.  We do not deserve to be chosen to be a part of God’s redeeming work in these kids, but for some reason, God has chosen to stir our hearts, and has given us a passion to care for the fatherless, the lonely, and the forgotten.  We love these kids because God first loved us.  It would be so easy to turn a blind eye and a cold heart and choose to live a life of ease.  It would be so easy to live a life that is only about how happy we are and how much fun we have.  But God doesn’t call us to a life of ease.  And our purpose on this life is to not make ourselves happy.  The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  We are called to be a compassionate, caring people–to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  I know that there are many people who think we are crazy.  To most, following God can look crazy, and may not make sense to the outside world.
All that being said.  I love my life. I love all my children.  All five of them (Wow that’s a lot!) Just like my biological kiddos.  I am happy.  Being a mother makes me so happy.  There are so many days when it isn’t easy. There are days when I want a break.  But I do not regret for a moment being faithful to God’s work.
I also want to say that we do not bring these kids home out of obligation.  They are our kids.  We love them, and we like having a large family.  We are suuuppppperrrr excited to bring our son home!!!!!!!  Our kids are excited, too!

We will be doing several fundraisers, as we have quite a bit of money to raise before we can travel to Pearson.
If you would like to donate, click on the link below, and you can donate a tax deductible gift towards our adoption.  I will also work on putting a donate button on my blog
Here is a link to our family sponsorship page:
And here is our son:


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