….to come

I haven’t blogged in over a month! So sorry that I’ve had you all in the dark. I couldn’t remember the username or password to log in to my account. I’m blaming it on adoption brain. =)
I am cleaning and putting a up a Christmas tree, and spending time with my sweet kiddos today.  I have been so busy working on local fundraising stuff.
I will blog-lighten you later tonight, so stay tuned!

About PFN News

Does the interweb really need another news blog? Yes, yes it does, particularly this one. In a world saturated with partisan pundits, corporate news spin-factories, talk radio, who can you turn to for reliable news content? At PFN News, our number one priority is integrity. You can rest assured that everything you read here will be: unbiased, loosely based on fact, and derived from our sources who rely solely on hearsay, exaggeration, and fairy tales. We hope you will keep us on your speed click for news you can alway possibly trust.

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