Monthly Archives: December 2014



Hi! Here I am! I didn’t disappear from the face of the Earth…I may have wanted to a few minutes this past month, though.
God’s provision has been overwhelming.  I have been completely overwhelmed this past month picking up, pricing, sorting, and storing garage sale items; and baking and cooking.  I have had orders for fudge, cheesecake, turkey, ham, gumbo, dressing, brownies, and pie.  Can’t find me? Check the kitchen.
We are slowly working on the amount of money that we need to complete our adoption. Also this past month, our home study update was complete, and we had our medical appointments.
Boden has still been going to school, and is doing so very well!  Last Friday we finished up the semester here at Drake Academy, and are now enjoying the Christmas season.  We have made cinnamon ornaments, cookies, and have a few painted crafts planned.  There have been hot chocolate consumed and Christmas movies watched!
We try to use our Christmas money for something big for the whole family each year.  Last year, we were able to buy annual family passes to Moody Gardens in Galveston.  They expired on December 14, so on the 13th (Andi’s 9th birthday!!!!) we used them for one last trip.  It was so nice to be out and about again.  We have not been doing anything extra lately.  We could justify this though because it was free!  We even brought our own snacks and meals!  We had such a fantastic day at the aquarium, rainforest, Ice Land, Festival of Lights, and The Polar Express in 4D.  We even found a park to eat lunch at!
The kids all especially liked seeing the dolphins on the ferry.  Caleb even saw one jump completely out of the water.
Sorry I haven’t been around much.  Things are crazy busy around here as we try to work to bring home Pearson, homeschool, run a house hold etc.  Keep us in your prayers!