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Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a great new year so far.  We had a great, low-key Christmas (isn’t that the best kind?) and we did absolutely nothing on New Year’s Eve….watch out! We’re wild! haha!
We have been working hard trying to get to Pearson.  From before Thanksgiving through Christmas, I cooked and cooked. It was very beneficial towards our adoption. I am now working on homemade body scrubs and bath salts, some Valentine’s Day canvases, and some various frames.  I will try to post pictures here, and let you guys know how you can order from my blog, if you want.  We are still needing to raise $8500 before we can go get our son from that awful place that he is in.  We are going to apply for a few different grants soon, as our homestudy is finished now!!  Yesterday, a friend of ours came over and notorized a BAJILLION different documents.  We now only need 3 documents for our dossier, and need to send them to the state capital to be apostilled.  We are so close!  Please pray that everything will get lined up.  I am trusting God’s timing, but I will admit that I struggle with stressing over it.  We have wonderful missionary friends in Ukraine that are going to help us with our children when we go (we can’t really take them on long days of paper chasing when there are no toilets available and we won’t eat all day long), but their summer is full of wonderful missionary things, and so we need to travel sooner rather than later so that we have the help we need for our kids. Please pray about that!
Homeschool is going great.   We took 3 weeks off for the holidays, and it was just what I needed to be gung-ho again =)
We are starting a reptiles/amphibians unit.  We have a bearded dragon named Fluff that we can use as a specimen!  And we are also hatching tad poles that we caught on one of our nature walks earlier in the Fall. They still haven’t sprouted legs yet. It feels like it’s taking forever!
I am also adding Horizons phonics to the babies’ phonics curriculum.  Right now they are just doing 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read. It is a great book, and they are both reading now.  I just feel like they need a little extra now.  Andi is doing so great writing in cursive, and she just learned square roots.  Her multiplication is going well, too, and we use Mondays to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.  She is moving on to the 4th Narnia book tomorrow.
The kids are all so excited to go to Ukraine.  I am very much looking forward to them going with us this time.  I think it will be a great time with our family growing again for us to all be a part of it.  It’s good they will know where their brothers come from.  I am hoping to take them to just a few historical places around Kiev so they can learn a little while we are there. Most of what we do will be free, and can be done walking around, but I would like to take them to (and now I’m drawing a blank on the name) a small village outside of Kiev that is kind of like a heritage museum village.  I would also like to take them to the presidential estate or the zoo.  We were very frugal in Ukraine last time, and fully intend to be this time as well.  We are not there as tourists. We will be there as parents, fighting to get our child.  But there will be two weeks of just waiting, and being in Ukraine is super cheap, so hopefully we will be able to explore some of this beautiful, historically rich culture.  We also hope to volunteer at our friends’ orphanage they help at during the two weeks off.  I will elaborate more on that later, too.  I always sit down to blog when I have just a spare minute or two, and I don’t have time to hunt down links and insert pictures.
Also, we have a very exciting auction coming up soon.  It will benefit us and two other adopting families.  It will be on a blog, so you won’t have to be on FB to be a part of it.  If you make or sell anything and you don’t mind shipping, and you  would like to donate any items, please feel free!  You can leave a comment here, but it is probably best to email with information and pics
On another note, my computer is so messed up.  I tried to download a free version of Picassa…DON’T DO IT.  So many things were downloaded along with it, and now my computer is very slow even though I have gotten rid of everything, bought McAffee, and there are no other malicious things on my computer.  We do not need a proxy server for the type of internet connection that we have.  But every few minutes, my computer switches over to a proxy server. So every few minutes I have to go to the Start menu>Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Connection> and disable the proxy server button….It is so frustrating. Any advice? HELP!
ALSO>>>> I signed up as an Amazon affiliate.  You can shop through this link, and we will get a percentage that we will use towards our adoption. Feel free to copy, paste, and spread the link around.  It is normal Amazon shopping for you….a free way to help us out!  Please shop through it and share it with your friends and family in real life and on social media. The more that is sold through our link, the bigger percentage we get.  Thanks!
Alright Life is calling…

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  1. How would I be able to follow your stuff on Facebook? Especially if you are auctioning or selling stuff!!! My name is Shirene Mohajer-shojaee if you want to add me to your page. Thanks!!

    • Hi Shirene! The auction and everything that I’m selling will actually be posted here, too! So make sure to follow my blog! Thank you so much for your interest and support =D

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