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Finish Line in Sight!


We have been working hard since October to bring our son home from Eastern Europe.  Things have been great, hard, exhausting, taxing, amazing, stressful, and an absolute joy.
We are still short on funds.  But that’s OK.  I am to the point where I know that God is providing for this adoption.  He has provided me with talent and ability to work hard for my son, and he has also provided many people who were interested in buying food, desserts, and various handmade gifts.  God has also provided a few friends who have offered to help in different ways.
I take joy in working for Pearson.  Nobody has cared enough for him to do that before.  Soon he will know what a mama is, and that his mama loves him very much.

So here is an adoption update.  I was done with my dossier.  I had everything signed and notorized just so, had it checked, and sent it off to Austin to be apostilled….where about 85% of it was rejected.  My funny, crazy, sweet notory was given the wrong stamp from her job when they ordered her supplies when she was commissioned as a notory.  There is no state seal on the stamp…therefore it is void.  And so were all my papers.  So, I cried for a while, and then got it together and redid 85% of my dossier. I am so thankful that it was only things that had to be signed, and not things that I had to gather, pay for, or get an exam for!  So…my dossier is done.  I am waiting for my immigration update and my FBI clearances to arrive in the mail, and I have to send my dossier to Austin.  And then we’re done.  I hope to be submitted in the next week or so.

Even though we are so close to traveling to meet Pearson, we are still not financially ready to go.  I have been gathering TONS of garage sale stuff since November (I think), and I haven’t had a chance to actually hold the garage sale, so that’s coming up.  Also my mom has offered to help me hold a link sale (Did I ever tell you my family started a sausage company?).  A sweet woman from our town has offered to hold a community bunko game.  And our town’s annual festival is the second Saturday in March.  I’m thinking a bake sale is in order for that weekend, and I am hoping to ask some friends and  church family to donate some homemade baked goods.

I am finished with my Valentine’s Day gifts.  I made really cute canvases. Remind me to show you a picture one of these days.

Right now we have an auction going on. IT IS HUGE…over 350 items.  This auction is being held here. We are holding the auction until Valentine’s Day.  It is to benefit three Reece’s Rainbow families…all three have something in common.  We all adopted previously from the Lost Boys’ institution where Boden is from.  And now we are all adopting again. Two of us are returning for our precious Lost Boys, while one family is working hard for their sweet girl! We will all split the money from the auction.  We aren’t far from traveling, and we need support. There are so many things to bid on….antiques, decor, books, movies, Signing Time, homeschool curriculum, Gymboree clothing, a NEW Micheal Kors bag, Vera Bradley, jewelry, art, quilts, knitted/crotched items, and one really awesome rag quilt that looks like a panda!  There is also two giveaways going on! You can enter to win a working train set and/or a tablet!  Please share our auction link! Spread the word!

Also…Here is our Amazon affiliate link. Simply shop Amazon through this link as you normally would, and Amazon will give us a percentage that we will use for our adoption.  The more items sold through this link, the bigger percentage we get.

I am to the point now where I need to buy him a mattress and a quilt….I am starting to get so excited about getting ready for him.  I can’t wait to see him!  I am so ready to be his mama!

Thank you all for your prayers and support…though the finish line is in sight, please continue to remember us.

If you would like to simply make a tax-deductible donation to our family through Reece’s Rainbow, you can do so here.