Simple as Dirt

In an age bombarding us with promises of entertainment, we often feel that bigger, more complex, and more expensive ways to make our kids happy are best.  However, I have realized this is exhausting, and there comes a time when slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures in life is much more appealing.
dirt 1
     Spring has definitely sprung in Southeast Texas, and we have begun to venture out, looking for fun after the long, cold winter.  Creation is all around us is teeming with new life, and it seems the whole world breathes a collective sigh of relief at the freshness of the arrival of the season.
I keep losing my kids throughout the day, only to find them reveling in the outdoors in our backyard.  To them, there is nothing better than playing in the dirt.  Their imaginations run wild as they dig child-sized holes under the cypress tree, bury each other’s legs, make and hide time capsules (I’ve lost most of my Mason jars this way!), and create the ever-popular mud pie.  They have also developed a love for digging up a various assortment of crawly creatures.  They’ve unearthed beetles, millipedes, earthworms, and massive grub worms.  To my delight as their mom and teacher, these findings have resulted in impromptu science lessons and more exploration.
grub worm
My husband, too, couldn’t wait to get his hands in the soil this spring.  He has tilled and composted to his heart’s content, and planted fruits and vegetables with the kids, that we are anticipating harvesting later this summer.

Most of all, the backyard activities have been a great way for us to connect and interact with each other.  We don’t have to get dressed up, loaded up, and headed off to Somewhere Else.  We don’t have to fret about how much money the day will cost.  We can just be laid back, enjoying each other in the midst of the chaos surrounding us.  It has been restorative to be still and contentedly soak in the happiness of these moments with the sun on our faces.
Years down the road, we may not remember the bowling score, the video game, or what movies we saw, but we will always have the memory of  living in the little moments as we played in the earth together.

     Happiness can be dependent on many complex things, but sometimes it is as simple as dirt.
Ru and Lill

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