038My husband Caleb and I met at a bowling alley a decade ago. He was so smitten, that he proposed to me that night with a plastic vending machine ring–we have been together ever since. During the past nine years of marriage, we have had three precious children. Andi is 7, Lilly is 4, and Sawyer is 3. Caleb works as an account manager for a popular soda company, I am a crafting-cooking-stay at home mom, and Andi is an incredibly smart first grader. Lilly and Sawyer stay home with me, and light up my days.

We are a Christian family, who is earnestly seeking out God’s will for our family.  We came to the realization that we were taking care of ourselves, but not really anybody else. So we began to pray that God would direct us in the way we could best serve Him, show His love to others, and help others. We found Reece’s Rainbow, a foundation that helps finds homes for special needs kids, and the needs that these children have was so heartbreaking, that it stayed with us for days. It was heart-wrenching looking at all of the sweet pictures and profiles of the kids that had been abandoned to a life of neglect simply because they weren’t “normal”.  Long story short, we have fallen in love with a little boy with Down syndrome, and are actively pursuing his adoption so we can bring him home. We had always considered adoption as a possibility for us, and now God is opening doors and making it happen. We believe that we are following God’s will in taking this huge leap of faith, and we would love for you to follow our journey, and join us in prayer as we move forward. If you would like to help monetarily, I will be adding a donation button at some point.

Be on the look-out for adoption updates and announcements. I will also be using this blog to put the occasional recipe, craft project, or random ramblings.

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  1. I hope you can imagine my delight! I was introduced to Heath’s profile through a friend who was adopting through RR. My children and I have prayed for him nearly every night since then asking God to either allow us to adopt him or give him a family! I am so incredibly excited for your family and look forward to updates. We will continue to pray for Heath and your family as you continue your journey. And you can be sure we will pray for God to bless your obedience!!!

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